Guesthouse Berlin

Walls w./ Mike Wall, Tashi Luís & MTBF

Starting with 2-Step over Dubstep and as far as garage, Cosmin TRG has arrived at the Technofloor at 50Weapons since his debut Gordian. Stylistically, this sounds unpretentious and is traversed by vicious acid synths, or, as on the last track Fizic, rather spherical and minimalist. Cosmin TRG combines the puzzle pieces of various techno games found in his releases together in his DJ sets to form a flow which can easily keep the party’s vibe at the highest level for hours.

The contribution of KR:PT for the recently released VA to LIMITED.G. Is a relentless techno-tool that releases its power through the repetitive synths. We’re looking forward to his upcoming album on Mike Walls Wallmusic.

MZR also released on the imprint last February. His EP is about the same beat and makes it clear what’s to be expected from this evening.