Guesthouse Berlin

Chasing For Luck

Tashi Luis teamed up with the instrumentalists Lorenz Mase, Doron Furman and his father Raimund Engelhardt and conjured up the fifth catalog number for us. The main title „Chasing for Luck“ is a downtempo number that has it all! Lorenz Mase has recorded a beautiful violin for the song, which is rounded off melodiously by Doron Furman’s Saz. The track sounds dreamy, euphoric and happy.

Patryk Molinari has taken on the lead and delivered a minimalistic acid remix, which should bring any floor to boil at peak time. The third track is a collaboration with the musician Raimund Engelhardt, who recorded the santur and of course Doron Furman’s Saz. All in all a beautiful constellation to start into the summer!