Guesthouse Berlin

SQIM (Exclusive)

A veritable legend of Berlin’s house scene, Sqim is best know for his faultless production and floor-filling ghetto house sets. The German-native has released for some of house musicʼs leading labels including Exploited, Arms & Legs, Play It Down & Jackmode and has collaborated on tracks & remixes with some of the scene’s leading figures including Oliver Dollar, Jesse Rose, Nils Ohrmann, Rampa, Re:You & Brillstein.

His passion for house music extends naturally from the studio to the club, he initially honed his craft at Berlin’s Suicide Circus where he was a resident for 5 years and selected and mixed the clubs compliation album in 2015. In addition Sqim has played in practically all of Berlin’s legendary clubs including Watergate, Sisyphos, Chalet, Salon Zur Wilde Renate, Golden Gate to name but a few and to many of the great club throughout Germany including Arm Kessel, Club Paula Dresden, Palais Munich the list goes on. When he is on the road or in the studio Sqim is ia key member of Open Air to Go a Berlin party series that takes place as it’s name suggests in warmer months, combining love friends, radio lovers, ravers and non-ravers, nerds, crazy people, park visitors, dancers and everyone else.


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